Iraqi government and airlines urged to help Arbaeen pilgrims

Iraqi government and airlines urged to help Arbaeen pilgrims from Pakistan. Shia Ulema Council leader Allama Nazir Taqvi made this appeal.

Iraqi government and airlines

Particularly, he noted delay in issuance of visa to Pakistani pilgrims for Arbaeen pilgrimage to the sacred shrine of Imam Hussain (AS).

Furthermore, the SUC leader said that Pakistani pilgrims had booked their tickets for air travel much ago.

However, Iraqi government has made a different policy for Pakistan this year. That has cast uncertainty over their pilgrimage.

Moreover, Allama Nazir asked Iraq government and airlines should cooperate with Zaireen. He urged them not to punish Zaireen.

Arbaeen Pilgrimage

Most importantly, Pakistanis go to pilgrimage of sacred shrines. Although they regularly visit shrines of infallible Imams of Shia Islam, yet 20th Safar remains reserved for pilgrimage of Karbala.

Notably, Zaireen (pilgrims) regularly visit holy shrines of infallible Imams of Shia Islam in Iraq, Iran and Medina .  But, they commemorate anniversary of 40th day (Arbaeen in Arabic and Chehlum in Urdu) of martyrdom anniversary of Ashura on 20th Safar.

Ashura to Arbaeen

Factually, Ashura too remains a special day of scared mourn in Shia Islam. That’s because of matchless martyrdoms of Imam Hussain-led Martyrs of Karbala. However, infallible leaders of Shia Islam had emphasised on pilgrimage of sacred shrine of Imam Hussain on Arbaeen.

Hence, Shia Muslims try their level best to reach Karbala (Iraq) on 20th Safar.

Arbaeen Visa Policy irks Pakistanis

Punjab Government focal person for inter-faith ramony yed Asad Abbas Naqvi dispatched this letter to Iraqi ambassador to Pakistan.

Furthermore, he requested the diplomat to ask Iraq government to relax Arbaeen visa policy for Pakistanis.

The official noted with concern that this year, Iraq governemnt changed visa policy for Pakistanis.

Moreover, he pointed to the fact that embassy and consulates issue visas but Iraq wants approval from Baghdad.

However, he reminded that this different visa policy will also deprive Pakistanis of Arbaeen pilgrimage, let alone financial losses.

Therefore, Asad Abbas Naqvi asked Iraqi ambassador to play role in resolving this issue at the earliest.


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