Allama Jafari vows loyal sons of Pakistan will strike last nail in the coffin of tyrant rulers

Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, secretary general, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, has said that loyal sons of Pakistan were defending Pakistan and Revolution March of Sunni and Shia Muslims would be proved last nail in the coffins of tyrant rulers.

Talking to the Shiite News by cell phone, he said, MWM was an integral part of the revolution march and tens of thousands of their supporters have joined the March to Islambad. He said all key officials of his party were accompanying him in the Revolution March.

“Despotic rulers have lost the war of nerves. They lack legitimacy since they were brought to power through electoral frauds. Now, they want to prolong their tyranny in favour of Yazidi takfiri nasbi elements,” he said.

Allama Jafari made clear that he and his party believed in supremacy of the Constitution of Pakistan and rule of law in accordance with the Constitution. He said that Sharif Brothers were Raeesanis of Punjab province and they would be sacked like the Raeesani of Balochistan did.  

“Sunni and Shia Muslims are one entity now. Yazidi takfiri nasbi elements and their patrons wanted to divide us but our unity and cohesion foiled their nefarious designs. God willing, we shall return triumphant,” he vowed.

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