Parachinar protest against attacks on Shia properties

Parachinar protest against attacks on Shia properties. Shia Muslims gathered at Parachinar Press Club to register protest.

Parachinar protest against attacks

Notably, they demanded deployment of Pak Army in Lower Kurrum like Upper Kurrum.

Furthermore, Turi Bangash leader said that killing in personal feud had occurred in past also.

They lamented attacks on Turi Bangash Shia Muslim properties unde the pretext of protest against killing

They warned that they would not allow attacks on lives and properties under any excuse.

Moreover, Turi Bangash leaders also cited the past incidents. Particularly, they referred to to blockade of Parachinar.

The protesters rejected terrorism and extremism in the area. Specially, they asked Pak Army to establish durable peace by taking stern action against miscreants.


Parachinar suffers due to terror networks

The Shia majority Parachinar has suffered due to Taliban/AlQaida terrorism. Besides, ASWJ (Sipah Sahaba) and their subsidiary LeJ also played havoc with Kurrum.

Sajid Turi protested

That forced the Parachinar-based Parliamentarian Sajid Turi to demand military operation against the Taliban in Kurram Agency.

Addressing a conference at the National Press Club (NPC), Sajid Hussain Turi, MNA, noted Taliban killed eight people. Then 41 had gone missing.

But, the government failed to establish its writ nearly a decade ago.

According to the Shiite News correspondent, he had asked the government to restore the Thal-Parachinar road, which links the region to the rest of the country. But, that had been closed for years due to militants blockade.

Unfortunately, that caused a severe humanitarian crisis for the residents. They were facing shortage of essential edibles. Sajid Turi also suggested starting PIA flights from Kurram to Peshawar.

Furthermore, he demanded implementation of the 2008 Murree Agreement. He called for action against the violators of the accord.

The accord was signed by Turi, Bangesh and other tribes of Kurram Agency, with its two main objectives being the repatriation of IDPS and putting an end to the Shia-Sunni violence in the area.

Parachinar youths and students

The youths and students of Parachinar also protested.

They and Shia Islamic scholar also held protest.

They continued protest if the government did no take any action to recover the missing persons and establish military check posts on the Thal-Parachinar road.

The youths and students also criticized then Minister for Interior Rehman Malik who failed to keep promise. He had vowed to open the main road but he had failed to take any practical steps in this regard.

Most importantly, they had staged sit-in for weeks in front of the National and Provincial Assemblies.


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