Islambad police gets one month to complete probe in Yafis Hashmi case

Islamabad High Court issues orders in a case of enforced disappearance.

Islambad police gets one month to complete probe in Yafis Hashmi case. Islamabad High Court issued orders in this regard.

Yafis Hashmi case

IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah heard the case of LHC Multan bench lawyer Yafis Naveed Hashmi.

Earlier, Additional Attorney General had sought more time for inquiry.

On his plea, the IHC CJ allowed Islamabad police a month to complete probe.

Meanwhile, the IHC adjourned hearing of the case until November 19, 2019.


Syed Yafis Naveed Hashmi

The authorities concerned reportedly took Multan-based Shia lawyer into undeclared and illegal custody in Islamabad.

In early August, 2019, Hashmi had gone to a private hospital along with his family in Islamabad.

Although family went inside and he drove his car to the parking, yet he disappeared suddenly. That created impression that the cops subjected him to enforced disapperance as per their style.

President, Prime Minister directly responsible for Shia missing persons issue.

Most importantly, Yafis Naveed Hashmi has served Lahore High Court’s Multan bench bar association as vice president.

Moreover, he had served the ISO as its president during his student life. He also served the ISO as member Nazarat.

Yafis Hashmi himself was condemning enforced disappearance of innocent citizens.

Furthermore, Shia community slammed illegal and undeclared custody of patriot Pakistani citizens.

The community, including children of the victims have launched a protest campaign across Pakistan.

However, MWM has denounced President and Prime Minister for it. At a protest demo, Allama Ahmed Iqbal held directly responsible for Shia missing persons issue.

Unfortunately, the security establishment has targeted peaceful Shia community despite the fact they never went against the state.

Neither Shia community remained involved in any separatist agenda nor they pose threat to national security.

Due to that reason, Shia Muslims believe that Saudi Whhabi monarchy, US and Israel are behind  this witch-hunt.


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