Allama Raja Nasir asks government to facilitate azadari processions

Allama Raja Nasir asks government to facilitate azadari processions instead of impeding them.

Raja Nasir asks government

He lamented that the former government’s SOP remained in force even during PTI’s government.

According to MWM Media cell statement, he urged government to also rein in biased officials.

Notably, he referred to biased District Police Officers in Hangu and Kohat who hampered azadari congregations.

Government ought to rein in biased officials.

Furthermore, MWM secretary general vowed that they would not tolerate violation of their fundamental rights.

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen leader urged KP government to ensure implementation of National Action Plan in letter and spirit.

Allama Raja Nasir emphasised that the government and police must not hoodwink people in the name of National Action Plan.

Imam Hussain-led Martyrs of Karbala

Meanwhile, he paid homage to Imam Hussain-led Martyrs of Karbala. He cited that humanity adore and revere Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet of Islam and Humanity Mohammad (PBUH).

Therefore, he urged that government to facilitate azadars and azadari congregations by taking action against anti-azadari elments.


2019 Moharram unfortunate incidents

Followers of Umayyad despotic tyrant Yazid in police department distorted soft image of Pakistan by uncalled for attacks on azadars.

Unfortunately, biased hatemongering policemen  attacked azadars in Karachi and Sanghar (Sindh), Lahore, Okara, Chiniot (Punjab) and Kotli (Azad Kashmir).

The biased District Police Officer Kohat overtly expressed his disdain for court orders by violating law regarding KDA mosque/Imam Bargah.

The DPO Hangu implicated Shia Islamic scholar and notables in false case because of azadari.

Furthermore, Liaquatabad police also followed Kohat DPO by attacking peaceful Shia azadars in Karachi district central.

Moreover, SHO Abrar-led police attacked azadars of Imam Hussain (AS) when they brought out a mourning procession (matami juloos).

Meanwhile, similar reports received from Okara, Chiniot, Sanghar and Kotli.

Most importantly, Imam Hussain-led great Martyrs of Karbala remain sacred role model for humanity. But, unfortunately, some hatemongering people detest remembrance of great Martyrs of Karbala.
And such biased people in government and administration deal with lawful religious and cultural activities inhumanely, let alone illegally.

Although Shia Muslims lead azadari congregations and processions, Sunnis and even non-Muslims too observes azadari as per their own traditions.

At least, they have no problem with azadaris but a few belonging to banned terrorist outfits create law and order problem.


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