Branch of Deobandi party JUIF faces ban

JUIF faces ban. The federal government has decided to formally ban Ansar-ul-Islam.

Sources at cabinet division disclosed that the concerned authorities have moved a summary in this regard.

Notably, Interior Ministry has referred a summary to the federal cabinet.

Branch of Deobandi party JUIF faces ban

Interestingly, the summary suggested ban on JUIF’s militant wing Ansarul Islam.

However, GEO TV has reported that the federal cabinet approved placing a ban on subsidiary of JUIF.

Although it also reported government’s decision to prevent the JUIF sit-in (dharna), other media oulets gave different story. According to their reports, government allowed their Azadi March.


Fazalur Rehman-led Deobandi party JUIF remains eminent on political landscape of Pakistan.

Ansarul Islam under fire

However, its Ansarul Islam wing has drawn attention of the world by its recent parade. Since, video clips of that parade have gone viral on social media, world saw Pakistan negatively. Due to that militants parade tarnished Pakistan image around the world.

Reports had it the government could announce ban on militant wing Ansar-ul-Islam probably on October 26.

Fazalur Rehman masters in politics

But, JUIF leader knows well what to do when to deter rivals. Notably, he plays his card well and with perfect timing. Hence, he remained very much in and relvant all the time despite his party’s negligible strenth at legilsatures.


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