Ambassador Riffat Masood meets Iran FM Javad Zarif

Ambassador Riffat Masood meets Iran FM Javad Zarif at the end of her tenure in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to Media Department of the Iranian foreign ministry, they held ceremony to bid farewell to her.

Ambassador Riffat Masood meets

However, ambassador Riffat also talked to Iranian official news agency on the occasion.

Particularly, she vowed that Pakistan would continue to work with Iran to bring an end to terrorism that affects our region.

Pakistan disagrees with US on Iran deal

While commenting on US unilateral withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, she considered it very unfortunate that the United States pulled out of the JCPOA.

The envoy also lamented the re-imposition of cruel sanctions on Iran.

Pakistan supports Iran N deal

She referred that Pakistan was the first country to welcome the Iran nuclear deal/ JCPOA.

Because we believe that negotiations remain the only way to resolve any issue. Hence, we thought it very good step.

Furthermore, she noted it the international community’s big step especially the European Union and the United States. Because they were reaching out to Iran to lessen the burden of sanctions and signed the JCPOA.
Riffat Masood reiterated Pakistan’s continued supports to the JCPOA.

Pakistan wants end to sanctions on Iran

Moreover, she said that Pakistan support any moves of any country around the world and the United Nations to resolve this issue.

She said Pakistan welcomes end to the sanctions against Iran as quickly as possible.


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