Shia leaders to government: Don’t patronize banned terrorist outfits, Don’t pressurize Shia Muslims

shiitenews ullmaThe martyrdoms of three members of Millat-e-Jafaria Legal Aid Committee, was an outcome of Government’s incompetence and patronage of banned terrorist outfits.
Political parties in the government must not meddle into Shia Muslims internal affairs because it is not their job. They must abandon threatening the families

of the martyrs.
Maulana Ali Mohammad, Maulana Mirza Yousuf Hussain, Maulana Zulfiqar Jafri, Maulana Hassan Salahuddin, Maulana Jafar Subhani, Maulana Ali Anwar Jafri, Maulana Haider Abbas Abidi, Maulana Aqeel Moosa, Mohammad Mehdi, Allama Nisar Qalandari, Chacha Waheed ul Hassan and others expressed these views at a press conference about three martyred lawyers.
They said that notable and professional Shia Muslims were the victims of target killers since 1st of Muharram. But, Governor Sindh and interior minister took no practical step and action against the terrorists. Instead, they made false claims.
They recalled that in recent past, Governor Sindh had assured that banned terrorist outfit leader and SSP CID Police were being arrested but no such action was yet taken. They said that the government was trying to please foreign masters of the terrorists.
They warned that the target killers of Shia Muslims should be arrested by February 18, otherwise Millat-e-Jafaria will be free in taking our own decisions. They said cooperation and contact with the government would be broken off.
They said that a ruling coalition’s party intervened into the affairs relating to funeral ceremony and namaz-e-janaza. They said that the party tried to change the route and threatened the heirs and family members to take the coffins to graveyard in haste. They condemned the party.
They warned that Shia Muslims are followers of Imam Hussain (A.S.) and in Hussainiat allegiance to Yazid is forbidden. They vowed nobody can pressurize Hussaini azadar Shia Muslims. They said nobody can dictate and impose their ill-will and ill-wishes on us. They pledged they would never bow to any Yazid of the time.
They urged the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice to take suo motu notice of triple murder of Shia lawyers and threats being given to the families’ members.
Meanwhile, after namaz-e-janaza a token sit-in was staged on Shahrah-e-Faisal near Malir area. Thousands of people attended. Then, the coffins carrying the martyrs were taken to the graveyard.

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