Imam Mehdi birthday being celebrated in Pakistan

Imam Mehdi birthday being celebrated in Pakistan with traditional fervour and reverance.

Imam Mehdi birthday

Shia Muslims are celebrating the birthday of the 12th infallible Imam of Shia Islam.

Conceptually, almost the entire religions believe in the divine saviour of the humanity whom some also call Messiah.

As per Islamic ideology, Muslims wait for Imam Mehdi whom they see as the divine Saviour or Messiah to rid the world of oppression.

All religions believe in Mehdi

Therefore, almost all religions across the world wait for him under different names and titles such as Messiah or saviours.

Like rest of the world, Pakistan-based Shia Muslims also mark celebrations to commemorate the birthday of divine saviour (Messiah).

Pakistan Shia areas illuminated

Furthermore, they offered special prayers and decorated Shia localities like bridegroom.

Illuminated and decorated Shia houses, streets, mosques and Imam Bargahs are wearing that look.

Meanwhile, religious scholars have spoken on the mission of Imam Mehdi (AS).

Poets recited poems to pay tributes to the infallible and chosen leader of Islam.

Who is Imam Mehdi

Almost all major sects in Islam believe in those statements of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which narrators of ahadees compiled. As per those hadees (statements of Prophet Mohammad), Imam Mehdi will appear to rid humanity of sufferings.

Therefore, Imam Mehdi remains a source of unity of humanity, let alone Muslims.

Though Shia Muslims revere him as their 12th infallible Imam who remains in occulation yet Sunni Muslims too believe in Imam Mehdi.

As per Islamic ideology, Imam Mehdi is that saviour or Messiah who will liberate the suffered humanity from oppression. Hence, he remains symbol of unity among many nations with identical apocalyptic ideology.


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