Imam of al Aqsa Mosque visits Pakistan on invitation

Imam of al Aqsa Mosque visits Pakistan on invitation of Al Mustafa Trust’s head Haji Hanif Tayyab.

During his visit, various Pakistani delegations called on Imam of al Quds city Sheikh Omar Fahmi.

Imam of al Aqsa

A delegeation of Palestine Foundation also met him.

Imam Sheikh Omar Fehmi pointed to the Pakistanis Islamic and ideological relations with Palestine.

Furthernore, he cited that Palestinians struggle against Israel like Kashmiris do against India.

Imam of occupied Jerusalem

He thanked Pakistan and Pakistani nation for their support to Palestinians.

Moreover, he told PLF Pakistan delegation that Palestinians remember Kashmiris in their prays.

Palestine Foundation

However, the PLF Pakistan delegation apprised him of Palestine Foundation’s work in support of Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Omar Fehmi lauded their active support and campaign for Palestinians.

Support for Kashmir and Palestine

At their core committee meeting, they had vowed to utilise all possible resources to highlight the issue of Palestine and Kashmir.

They also pledged to hold more programs for solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians and the Kashmiris.

Also they vowed to raise awareness among the people of Pakistan. Leaders say that Government should continue to support Palestine and oppressed Kashmiris. The issue of Palestine is the most important and first issue of the Muslim world.

The people of Palestine, Kashmir, Yemen, Rohingya are oppressed. As such, the UN has uncovered oppressive and Zionist forces to solve the problems. The Indian atrocities on Kashmiris are a blur on the face of so-called human rights claimants, including the United States. Is with Highlighting the Indian atrocities committed on the Kashmiris is by far the most important duty. The leaders of the Palestine Foundation of Pakistan appealed to the scholars and sermons, saying that the scholars and sermons should inform the religious and private gatherings on the Israeli and Indian atrocities taking place in Palestine and Kashmir.


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