Takfiri terrorists rocket attack at house of ANP leader

Takfiri terrorists’ rocket attack at house of ANP leader left two women injured in Khar.

Takfiri terrorists’ rocket attack

They fired rocket on the house of Sheikh Jan Zada in Nawagai locality at about 8am.

Soon after the attack, family members along with other residents launched a search for the attackers, but they did not find attackers.

Moreover, Bajaur Levies and police officials also visited the house. They examined the site where the rocket hit.

However, till the filing of this report location of the terrorists remained unknown.

Terrorists continue to pose threat

Historically, Awami National Party has remained target of takfiri terrorists in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Unfortunately, ANP lost many of its eminent leaders in terror attacks including suicide bombings.

ANP strongly opposes terrorists

Awami National Party central general secretary Mian Iftikhar Hussain has expressed his concern over banned terror outfits.

While speaking at a function in the memory of slain APS students in a school of Bacha Khan Educational Foundation in Charsadda, he lambasted them.

He had cited that terror outfits were freely operating in Punjab despite National Action Plan (NAP) after 2014 APS massacre.

Sipah Sahaba and Lashkar Jhangvi

Notably, ASWJ (Sipah Sahaba) and its subsidiary Lashkare Jhangvi target opponents of their takfiri ideology. Particularly, LeJ terrorists have also attacked security forces.

Surprisingly, ringleaders of ASWJ, mother wing of LeJ enjoy official protocol. And this approach of the biased state authorities disappointed the entire nation.

Hence, people also remains shocked to see good terrorists and bad terrorists drama goes on unabated.


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