Pakistan never support US illegal sanctions against Iran: Parliamentarians

Naveed Qamar Iran

Pakistan never support US illegal sanctions against Iran, Parliamentarians group head from Pakistan said.

Syed Naveed Qamar said Pakistan has never supported illegal sanctions which Washington DC imposed on Iran.

He added that Pakistan would never support in future.

Because, these sanctions not only harm Iran but also remain detrimental for Pakistan and the region, he said.

Pakistan-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group

Naveed Qamar Iran

Naveed Qamar led Pakistan-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group is visiting Iran.

He expressed these views in an interview with official news agency of Iran.

US-Iran tension

However, he also asserted that Pakistan wants to end the US unilateral sanctions against Iran as soon as possible.

Saudi-Iran relations

The head of Pakistan-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group also spoke on tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

He vowed that Pakistan would spare no effort to ease Saudi-Iran tension.

He further said that Pakistan would bring the two countries closer together.

Naveed Qamar refers to efforts

Besides, Pakistan’s veteran parliamentarian also cited recent efforts to mediate.

He also referred that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan recently visited Iran and Saudi Arabia.

However, he stated that Pakistan is a Muslim country. It consists of both Shias and Sunnis. It has ties to other Middle Eastern countries.

Naveed Qamar added that Pakistan has ties to Saudi Arabia.In addition, Pakistan has ties to its historical ties and longstanding cultural ties with Iran.

Intra-Muslim nations tension problematic

Furthermore, he said that if Muslim neighbors tension would also also causes problems for Pakistan.

He said former governments also had played role.  But, in past, tension had never stiffened publicly to the extent we witness in recent months.

Pakistan mediation’s outcome?

Althoguh result of incumbent government’s efforts not shared, yet only a certain group at the upper level aware of it.

So, we cannot say for sure about the extent of progress in this area.

However, we may say it with cerainty that Pakistan is trying to reduce the tension.

Moreover, he said Pakistan would continue its efforts to bring the two countries closer together.


Pakistan eyes Saudi Iranian FMs meeting

Prime Minister Imran Khan had hinted at progress in last week of October 2019.

Particularly, he said trying to arrange a meeting of the foreign ministers of the two countries to further ease tensions.

Although Pakistan has been trying its level best to de-escalate tension in the region, yet, Kingdom hasn’t appreciated Pakistan’s efforts. Instead, they discredited Pakistan.

Unfortunately, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has neither honoured Pakistan Prime Minister for his shuttle diplomacy nor made any comment.

Iran remains grateful to Pakistan

However, Iran made public its reaction to Pakistan efforts.

Notably, Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei lauded Pakistan‘s sincere efforts. He also made public how regional peace can be restored.

Comparatively, Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif publicly remained grateful to Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, he also thanked Imran Khan in a tweet.

Saudi monarchy part of US bloc

Unfortunately, Saudi Wahhabi monarchy remains a staunch ally of US administration while US preferes Israeli interests.

Due to that reason, US policy against Iran disturbs the entire world, let alone Middle East or South Asia.

Since Saudi toe the line of Washington DC and Washington DC follow the Israeli line, hence both want Iran also toe that line.

However, Iran emphasises that Islamic Republic remains willing to talk to regional states, instead of US.

Israel factor

Hence, pro-Iran Arab-Muslim world blame Israel for terrorism and escalation in the region.

Ironically, many Arab regimes have sacrificed Palestine for the sake of Israel. Factually speaking, they also sacrificed Islamic Ummah interests for US bloc.


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