Four Pakistani pilgrims die in a road accident on way to Zahedan

Four Pakistani pilgrims die in a road accident on way to Zahedan on their return from Arbaeen pilgrimage.

Four Pakistani pilgrims die

According to Birjand traffic police, a heavy trailer truck collided with the bus carrying Pakistani Zaireen. The road mishap occurred due to mistake of trailer truck driver at around 4 a.m.

Due to that, four Pakistani pilgrims died while around 40 sustained injuries.

Rescue operation

Meanwhile, concerned Iranian agency staff airlifted the victims and moved them to safer place.

However, Iranian officials said that five seriously injured continue to remain under treatment.

Pakistani Zaireen on way back to Pakistan

Notably, Pakistanis go to participate in Arbaeen walk via land border with Iran and from there to Iraq. That remains the cheapest land travel as compared to air travel.

On way back from Arbaeen pilgrimage, Zaireen also go to sacred shrines of Imam Reza in Mashhad or Bibi Fatima Masooma in Qom.

Since accident occurred in Birjand traffic police jurisdiction, it shows they were coming from Mashhad to Zahedan.

Millions in Karbala on Arbaeen

Millions of pilgrims, had gathered in Iraq’s holy city of Karbala to commemorate Arba’een.

In Iraq and Iran, Arba’een held on Saturday, October 19 (today).

Arbaeen or Chehlum is observed to mark the 40th day after the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam.

Arbaeen Walk

Among the pilgrims, which usually number 20 million from around the world every year, many arrive in Karbala after trekking about 70 kilometers from the holy city of Najaf. That remains their revering gesture in honour of Imam Hussein.

Notably, pilgrims enter the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala up to two weeks before Arba’een.

Pakistani Zaireen

Around 200K Pakistani Zaireen participated in Arbaeen walk, according to Allama Niaz Naqvi who said 30 million pilgrims visited Karbala on Arbaeen.

Of them, he referred that more than 100,000 Pakistani pilgrims travelled by air. And over 85,000 pilgrims from Pakistan went by road via Iran.

Over 3.5 million Iranian pilgrims

Allama Niaz further said that over 3.5 Zaireen from Iran surpassed all countries around the world wherefrom rest of 7 million pilgrims went on Arbaeen pilgrimage.


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