SSP Sujawal bans Eid Miladul Nabi rally due to banned outfit pressure

SSP Sujawal bans Eid Miladul Nabi rally due to banned outfit pressure instead of taking action against them.

SSP Sujawal bans Eid Miladul Nabi rally

Amazingly, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) stands for Sipah Sahaba Pakistan (SSP), the mother wing of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

This is what SSP Amir Saud Magsi has proved by his biased action.

Outlawed SSP remains powerful

The ringleaders of banned terror outfit objected to the Eid Miladul Nabi (PBUH) rally for which Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen had sought permission.

Notably, MWM 16th Rabiul Awwal rally would have participation from Sunnis and Shias that would have dealt a severe blow to takfiri outfit.

Deputy Commissioner also backs SSP

Moreover, DC Sujawal Ismail Memon too sided with Hafiz Riaz Memon, Hafiz Ismail Memon and other ringleaders of banned outfit.

Factually, MWM is a registered mainstream Shia Islamic party unlike outlawed terror outfit SSP (ASWJ) or LeJ.

Unfortunately, biased administration of Sujawal district has abetted banned terror outfit in discouraging forces of peace and Islamic unity.

MWM demands action

Meanwhile, MWM has urged Sindh government and IG Sindh police to take action against biased offiers. They also demanded stern action against the banned terror outfits in Sujawal.

Eid Milad ul Nabi

Factually, Sunni Bralevis of Pakistan celebrate the anniversary on 12th Rabiul Awwal while Shias mark celebrations on 17th.

However, to show Sunni-Shia Islamic unity, Shia Muslims organise Muslim unity week.

Notably, Shia Muslims host thousands of events to mark Eid Miladul Nabi and Milad-e-Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) celebrations.

The events aim at commemorating birth anniversaries of Prophet of Islam and Humanity Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), the last apostle of God, and Imam Jafar (AS).

Due to that, Shia Muslims host Eid Miladul Nabi celebrations from Karachi to Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir to Balochistan, Islamabad to Parachinar.

Shia parties and leaders

Allama Syed Javad Naqvi-led Tehreek-e-Bedari-e-Ummat-e-Mustafa (PBUH) staged Eid Miladul Nabi rally to mark Eid Miladul Nabi (PBUH).

Specially, Sunni religious scholars joined Shia-hosted celebrations. They showed their unity and vowed to defeat enemies of Islam and Prophet of Islam and of his followers.

MWM also celebrates

Allama Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi, Allama Maqsood Domki, Allama Mubarak Mousavi, Allama Sadiq Jafari, Allama Ahsan Danish, Allama Ali Anwar Jafari and many other Shia Islamic scholars and MWM leaders spoke at Jashn-e-Sadiqain.

They highlighted aspects of sacred life of the Prophet and apostle Hazrat Muhammad (BUH) and Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS). Shia Islamic scholars and ordinary Shiites also attended Sunni-hosted Eid Milad events.
Shia Ulema Council and many other Shia organizations also hosted events to mark Eid Milad celebrations in commemoration of the two birth anniversaries.
In Karachi, Mehfil-e-Murtaza Trust also hosts Eid Milad event where Sunni and Shia scholars largely attended the celebrations.

Hafta Wahdat e Muslimeen

Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini had called for observance of Hafta-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen or Muslim Unity Week from 12th Rabiul Awwal to 17th Rabiul Awwal to mark the Eid Milad under the theme of Sunni-Shia Muslims unity.


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