Two Daesh and one Taliban terrorist among three arrested in Punjab

Two Daesh and one Taliban terrorist among three arrested in Punjab, CTD officials said.

Two Daesh and one

Notably, Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) confirmed arrests of three takfiri terrorists.

They said that they have arrested two Daesh terrorists atr Jattowala Road.

Furthermore, CTD said that Haseeb Javed and Saeed Akbar had planned to attack sensitive installations.

However, security officials caught them red handed with explosives and detonators.

Taliban terrorist

Meanwhile, CTD of Punjab police conducted a search operation near Kotli Bhutta village.

During the raid, they nabbed Ziarat who belongs to the banned TTP or Pakistani Taliban.

Plot against security agency

The cops said he was planning an attack on a security agency but they caught him with explosive material and hate literature.


Takfiri terrorism

Notably, Daesh or TTP originated from Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and its mother wing Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ) who remain mother of all terrorism in Pakistan.

These terror outfits have remained affiliated with al-Qaeda, Taliban and Daseh. And chroniclers may call them franchise of that global terrorism in Pakistan. Also, their fanatics joined al-Qaeda, TTP and Daesh Pakistan chapter.

Besides, they have perpetrated heinous crimes against humanit across Pakistan.

Amazingly, Pakistan government has banned these outfits on one hand, and give official protocol to their ringleaders on the other.

Therefore, this hypocrisy has disappointed peace-loving Pakistanis.


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