Allama Qazi Niaz says callousness of Arab regimes led to Israeli attacks

Allama Qazi Niaz says callousness of Arab regimes led to Israeli attacks on Gaza in Palestine.

Veteran Shia Islamic scholar Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi hails from Federation of Pakistan Shia Islamic Seminaries.

Allama Qazi Niaz says callousness

While talking to students at Jamiatul Muntazir, he said that the Arab regimes had established friendly ties with Israel. He held uch pro-Israel Arab regimes responsible for killings of oppressed Palestinians.

Furthermore, Allama Niaz Naqvi said that callousness of such Arabs encouraged Israeli regime to atrocious attacks on Gaza.

Allama Qazi Niaz Hussain Naqvi

Senior Shia Islamic scholar also serves Milli Yakjehti Council as vice president. This council MYC remains a platform of unity and fraternity of Pakistani Muslims.

Moreover, Allama Niaz condemned the Israeli brutalities and demanded action against Israel.

Pro Israel regimes harmed Palestine Cause

Meanwhile, he also noted that pro-Israel governments had caused irreparable loss to Palestine cause.

He lamented that on one hand Israel builds illegal racist Jewish settlements and on the other kill Palestinians, including women and children.

UN hypocrisy condemned

Allama Qazi Niaz slammed the United Nations for its hypocrisy on the issues of Palestine, Kashmir and Yemen.

Specially, he cited that UN covered up Israeli crimes against humanity at the behest of US administration.


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