Allama Raja Nasir says peace and welfare linked with supremacy of justice

Allama Raja Nasir says peace and welfare linked with supremacy of justice.

While addressing lawyers in Lahore, Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen secretary general expressed these views.

Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari

Senior scholr Allama Raja Nasir is serving leading Shia Islamic party MWM as secretary general for third consecutive term.

Fair system for justice

He further said that establishment of peaceful and welfare state and soeciety remains linked with supremacy of justice.

Providing justice to all citizens without any bias and discrimination remains fundamental principle of any succesful state, he referred.

Inequality against the Islamic teachings

Furthermore, MWM leader Islam teaches equality and non-Muslim societies too believe in that very Islamic teaching. He declared inequality against Islamic teachings.

Judicial reforms needed

Allama Raja Nasir says flaws in judicial system which he said need reforms.

Without citing Nawaz Sharif case, he said that different criterion for high-profile figures and an ordinary citizen question the justice system.

State Apparatus

He said that strengthening state institutions guarantee national development and progress and stability of state itself.

Meanwhile, MWM leader also made clear that people don’t face problems where state institutions work within the ambit of law.

Accountability of Corrupt

Besides, he added that law requires to hold corrupt plunderers of national welath accountable. He emphasised that state also need to act responsibly to ensure supremacy of law and justice.


Unfortunately, behind-the-scene manoeuvring always hampered rule of law in Pakistan. Prticularly, some high-profile figures get relief due to that behind-the-scene manoeuvring.


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