MWM leader Arif Qanbari arrested for attending a rally against Saudi war

MWM leader Arif Qanbari arrested for attending a rally against Saudi war on Yemen in March 2015.

MWM leader Arif Qanbari

Since 2015, Arif Qanbari and some other leaders of MWM and ISO were facing trial for a peaceful protest rally.

Unfortunately, a pro-Saudi biased cleric filed case against them and ironically Gilgit police registered that case.

Anti Terrorism Court (ATC)

While violating freedom of expression, the police that works under State of Pakistan, booked them under anti terrorism law.

Therefore, ATC heard the case and granted bail Arif Qanbari, Shaikh Shahadat and others.

However, on non-appearance during hearing, ATC revoked bail and ordered their arrest.

Arif Qanbari shifted to Jail

Meanwhile, Gilgit police arrested and shifted MWM leader to jail.

Earlier, police also had arrested Ghulam Abbas of MWM but he again got bail within a couple of days.

Qanbari is serving Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen as member of its Supreme Council or Shura Aali. During his student life, he had served Imamia Students Organisation as its central president.


Shockingly, Gilgit police also applied false charges against those 7 leaders who protested Yemen war.

Meanwhile, registration of cases under false charges show discriminatory bias toward Shia community leaders.

Qanbari had been put behind the bars for nearly two months prior to his release on bail in early July 2015.

Denying freedom of expression

Particularly, protest against Saudi-led war falls under freedom of expression. Notably, Saudi-led aggression on Yemen began and continued in violation of international law.

Hence, it remains ludicrous to defend Saudi monarchy crimes against humanity to the extent that the state victimise anti-war protesters.




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