Allama Arif Wahidi stresses on result oriented talks to sort out crisis

Allama Arif Hussain Wahidi, secretary general, Shia Ulema Council, has urged the government and the leaderships of Revolution March and Freedom March should resolve the differences through resulted-oriented talks.

“Politics of confrontation is not in the interest of Pakistan. Reconciliatory approach is needed and all should agree that Pakistan’s future is democracy,” he said talking to the delegates who met him.

He said that rule of Constitutional Law is the only solution and urged the Opponents of Nawaz-led government not to degrade Parliament because it is legitimate forum to sort out problems.

“Government should announce the mechanism how she will meet the demands of the Revolution and Freedom Marches and the latter should also demonstrate flexibility and soften their hardened positions,” he advised.

Allama Wahidi expressed concern over attacks on the buildings which are symbols of the State of Pakistan. He urged that there must be a peaceful protest and there must be no use of force or violence from any side.




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