Pakistan Foreign Minister sees new era of cooperation with Iran

Pakistan Foreign Minister sees new era of cooperation with Iran due to improving relations.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said this, while addressing a meeting titled ‘Business Connect.’

Economic Diplomacy

The meeting held under the aegis of ministry for foreign affairs aimed to discuss prospects and importance of economic diplomacy.

Pakistan Foreign Minister

Furthermore, Shah Mehmood notes that relations of Pakistan are improving with Iran, China, Qatar, Russia, Central Asian states and other countries. Specially, he credited that improvement to the new government under Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He referred to strengthening ties with Iran and opening of new era of bilateral cooperation between.

Qureshi also referred to his recent visit to Doha to attend second Ministerial consultative meeting on the Kuala Lumpur Summit.

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Furthermore, he said that Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan had supported the initiative. Khan had terming it a multilateral forum that would bring together Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar and Turkey to collaborate on socio-economic development.

Pak Iran strgthening ties an achievement

Particularly, Imran Khan counted strengthening of relations with Iran a major achievement of Pakistan foreign policy during his tenure. While addressing the Envoys’ Conference titled Engage Africa, he had said so.

Pakistan leadership visits to Iran

Since coming to power on August 18, 2018, Prime Minister Imran Khan has paid two officials visits to Iran. He paid his first official visit to Iran on April 21, 2019 while he visited Iran again on October 13, 2019.

Besides, military-to-military ties also note improvement due to the highest level exchange of visits and enhanced interaction.


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