Peshawar: High time for awakening of Shia Muslims

Pishawar Mulaqat 1 2It is high time for awakening of Shia Muslims and azadars. It is necessary that whole of Millat-e-Tashayyo (Shia Muslims) get united and prevent the sacrilege of Imam Bargahs.
This was stated by wife of Mohammad Hussain Hussaini who was put behind the bars in Peshawar jail.

She said that her spouse and two sons were detained for defending legitimate religious rights. She said she would not withdraw from just struggle should her other sons are arrested.
She said that she alone was pursuing the case of Imam Bargah Hussaini’s tragedy after detention of her husband.

“Hundreds of people from rival party appear while I go alone. They ridicule us where are Shia Muslims,” she said.

She said she wants Nauruz should be celebrated in their Imam Bargah Hussaini like past traditions. This required whole of Millat-e-Tashayyo to back her in this just cause.

She had filed application for re-investigation of Imam Bargah Case two months ago. But, no progress was made so far. On the other, rivals have conveyed threats for withdrawal of the case but the intrepid woman was not scared of them.

“I am proud of the faith of my husband Hussaini and sons Askar Abbas and Mohsin Abbas Hussaini,” she vowed. She said she was ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of Imam (A.S.). She said that police too has become partial. Rival party has connection with notorious persons who frequently visit rival’s house. But, hue and cry was raised when guests arrive at the grieved party’s home.

Allama Asghar Askari, deputy sectary of MWM Punjab chapter informed the great woman that she was not alone. Millat-e-Tashayyo will support her. He said that her sacrifices would not go in vain. He said God willing, azadari will be started in this Imam Bargah. All false cases would be withdrawn. He also contacted the detained Mohammad Hussain Hussaini.

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