Punjab Govt must take notice of IJT’s hooliganism

iso protestImamia Students Organization and other students staged a demonstration outside of Lahore Press Club to protest against the hooliganism of Islami Jamiat Talba in Punjab University.
The protestors were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the IJT.


Awais ul Hassan, Nasir Abbas, Allama Tauqeer Abbas and Ahmed Raza Khan spoke to the demonstrators.

They said that ISO Punjab University president was injured in a murderous attempt and IJT was involved in that attempt. They demanded Punjab Government to take immediate notice and punish the culprits.

They said that the ISO president was kidnapped, kept in captivity for 2 hours and was tortured severely. They said it was a challenge to the writ of the government and university administration.

They said that all this was being done at the behest of Professor Haris and Professor Jadoon. Therefore, action be taken against these professors.

They asked from Law College principle Mr. Sami he must clarify why6 such incidents take place in Law College. They demanded registration of cases, rustication of involved students and an end to monopoly of the hooligans’ waywardness.

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