Shia official of a political leader shot martyred in Karachi affiliates

Shia coordinator of Shia political leader of MQM embraced martyrdom when he resisted the armed terrorists at hair dresser shop in district central of Karachi late on Wednesday night.

Salman Haider Kazmi was sitting in a hair dresser shop when the notorious terrorists stormed into the shop and held them hostages on gunpoint. Salman Kazmi resisted trying to overpower them but terrorists opened fire upon him leaving him martyred on the spot. Body of the martyr was shifted to Imam Bargah Shohda-e-Karbala.

Martyr Kazmi was coordinator of Haider Abbas Rizvi, a Shia official of the MQM. It is amazing that MQM fails to protect its own cadres from the terrorists in its stronghold.

Shia parties and leaders have condemned the murder of Salman haider Kazmi and expressed condolence with his heirs, relatives and Mr. Haider Abbas. They urged the MQM to demand military operation to eliminate the takfiri nasbi terrorists of outlawed Sipah-e-Sahaba and its renamed versions and affiliates.


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