Allama Iqbal Behishti condemns enforced disappearance of Shia scholars

Allama Iqbal Behishti condemns enforced disappearance of Shia scholars Maulana Syed Tilawat Shirazi and Maulana Khizr Ahmed.

Specially, he condemned the extrajudicial measures which defame security agencies themselves.

Allama Iqbal Behishti condemns

He said that the cops storm into the house while violating the sanctity and privacy of households.

MWM leader Allama Iqbal Behshti said the cops harass the families while they take the person into undeclared custody.

He further said that after that they subject them to enforced disappearance for years without any reason.

Moreover, he said that such illegal detention collides with the fundamental human rights and also violate Constitution and law.

Another Shia scholar subjected to enforced disappearance

Two Shia scholars and two youths

Maulana Syed Tilawat Hussain Shirazi becomes the latest victim while coming from Kohat to Islamabd. He was serving as a teacher for Arabic and Islamic Education at Government School Orakzai.

Tilawat Shirazi

The cops intercepted the vehicle and took him away while two relatives accompanied the Shia Muslim scholar. They took him into undeclared custody from main Islamabad road in the limits of Gambat police station.

However, they released his two companions late in the night.

It was not first such enforced disappearance.

Khizr Ahmed

However, 2020 begins with enforced dispperanace

At least 10 veiled cops stormed ino the house of Maulana Khizr Ahmed in Barah Kahu Islamabad.

They took him into undeclared custody giving the first bad news of the new year.

After that, they had been calling his son to give them cell phone of his father at a particular place they told him.

His son Ilyas said the family asked police to register case of his kidnappin but police refused to do so.

He further said that their family originally hail from Orakzai Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

However, his father has been serving as a teacher of Islamiyat and Arabic at a government school.

Furthermore, he said now he, his mother and sisterr and brothers weer suffering due to the abduction.

Moreover, Ilyas said that the veiled cops were boarding two vigo vehicles while one was bearing number plate MHR-616.

Sajjad Rizvi and Saleem Haider Zaidi

The rogue cops also took two youths into undeclared custody and detention in Karachi.


Unfortunately, some security agencies officials subject citizens to enforced disappearance on suspicion.

Since Shia Muslims have never remained involved in any anti-state activity, they express dismay over this maltreatment.

Recently, they have urged Pakistan Army Chief to take serious note of the rising cases of enforced disappearance.

Specially, they reminded that Shia Muslims pose no threat to national security hence they must not be dealt with like separatists or takfiri militants.



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