Pakistan Iran freight train service suspended due to floods in Balochistan

Pakistan Iran freight train service suspended due to floods in Balochistan province.

Torrential rains and flash floods again damaged railway track in south western Balochistan province of Pakistan.

It caused suspension of Pakistan-Iran freight train service.

Pakistan Iran freight train

According to Pakistan Railways official, routine operation had remained suspended since January 6th.

However, they partially resumed it after three days.

But, the latest floods again rendered the operation suspended.

Specially, major parts of Noshki and Chagai districts received heavy rains that damaged track.

Furthermore, the official said the floodwater had swept away more than 150 lower parts of the railway track/

Resultantly, it made them vulnerable and exposed to derailment.

He said that the PR had to stop a goods train on the way from Quetta to the Iranian city of Mirjaveh in Dalbandin to avoid any accident.

Repair work on the damaged parts of the railway track had begun, but it would take at least ten days to restore the routine service due to the unavailability of required machinery and lack of human resource, the official said.

Quetta-Taftan Railway route is one of four main railway routes in Pakistan, operated and maintained by Pakistan Railways. The line begins from Quetta station and ends at Koh-e-Taftan station.

The total length of this railway line is 523 kilometers. There are 23 railway stations from Quetta to Koh-e-Taftan. The line then crosses into Iran and extends to Zahedan.


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