FM Qureshi tells Washington DC of Pakistan role to defuse US Iran tension

FM Qureshi tells Washington DC of Pakistan role to defuse US Iran tension during his visit to US.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is currently visiting US.

FM Qureshi tells Washington

He has met US officials and also spoken to Senators, think-tank, media and caucus.

He also met US Under Secretary of Defense John Rood. While talking to him, he discussed various aspects of Pakistan-US defense cooperation besides evolving regional situation.

According to foreign ministry statement Qureshi informed him about his recent visits to the regional countries to diffuse tensions.

Furthermore, he also underscored the need for de-escalation and dialogue.

He stated that Pakistan remained deeply concerned about the prospects of any instability in its neighborhood.

Qureshi also shared that Pakistan remains ready to play its due role in finding a peaceful solution to the tensions between Iran and US.

The statement said Foreign Minister Qureshi also met senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and discussed bilateral relations and the regional situation.

During the meeting, Qureshi expressed concern about the prevailing tensions in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, he also called for US troops withdrawal.

Foreign Minister of Pakistan calls for responsible US troops pullout from Afghanistan.

He said this, while sharing his views on regional situation in an exclusive interview with Fox News today (Friday).

He asked the United States not to repeat the mistake of 1980s’ pullout. But he called for a responsible withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.


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