Allama Javad Naqvi highlights flaws in working of institutions

Allama Javad Naqvi highlights flaws in working of institutions in Pakistan.

Specially, he pointed out unfair role of media, judiciary and polity.

Allama Javad Naqvi highlights

He expressed these views while addressing Friday prayers.

During the sermon, he referred to Minister’s misconduct at a live talk show of ARY.

He suggested that he could have the military cao but the minister showed boot (shoe) during that show.


Allama Javad noted that the apex judiciary formed special court for trial of former ruler General Pervez Musharraf (retd) but provincial high court annulled that.


Furthermore, he said that the media had given full coverage to UK prince and his wife’s visit to Pakistan and even swhowed what they ate.

Citing these examples, he salmmed such flawed working.

He said that the mindset during UK royal visit to Pakistan showed as though slavery prevails.

Allama Javad leads Tehreek Baidari Ummat Mustafa (PBUH) (TBUM).

He also heads Jamia Urwatul Wusqa, a university in Lahore.






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