Funeral held, strike, mourning, protest held for Parachinar victims of suicide attacks

shiitenews fcA shutter down strike was observed in the Parachinar city to condemn the suicidal attack.
However, namaz-e-janaza of the martyrs was also held and bodies were laid to rest on Saturday.
On the other hand, Toori Bangash tribes have demanded that security check posts must be ended and PA Kurrum and other relevant officials must be suspended and punished for security lapse.
Whole city wore deserted look. People of the area were angry. However, people mourn the deaths observing Saturday as a day of mourn and protest on a call from Youth of Parachinar, ISO and Toori-Bangash tribes and more organizations.
Countrywide protest was witnessed in all over Pakistan. Speakers at the gatherings condemned the suicidal attack and said that anti-Muslim suicidal attacks were forbidden in Islam. They said that banned Taliban terrorists had claimed responsibility but no action was taken against the warring group.

Banners and placards were displayed and lifted at the protest demos and elsewhere.


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