Pakistan PM warns US President against disastrous war with Iran

Pakistan PM warns US President against disastrous war with Iran.

Prime Minister Imran Khan shared it while speaking at a special session of World Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday.

He recalled that during a meeting with US President Donald Trump he warned that war with Iran would be disastrous.

He made clear that he considered war not the way to resolve issues.

Pakistan PM warns US

PM Khan said that the worst thing could happen due to a conflict between Iran and the US and its allies because the war would be disastrous.

He said he had also told this to President Trump yesterday.

PM Khan told President Trump that this would be disastrous for us if this war starts. But he (Trump) didn’t say anything.

Pakistan leader said he thinks Trump understood. Imran hooped that sanity would prevail.

He noted that conflict in Afghanistan still goes on and any conflict with Iran would emerge the (much) bigger problem.


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