Over 50 Shia notables offer arrest in protest

shiitenews Sindh-PoliceMore than 50 Shia notables of Khairpur have offered their arrests to protest against registration of a fake FIR against innocent Shia Muslims.
A banned terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba who is known for terrorism had organized a meeting where they were making venomous speeches.
Shia notables lodged their protest and complaint with police but police didn’t stop the banned outfit from holding meeting and making speeches.
Instead, a fake FIR was registered against the protestors and complainants. Shia notables staged a sit in against this injustice outside police station. More than 50 offered their arrest in protest.
They included: Irshad Shah, Major Ali Abbas, Maulvi Asad Iqbal, Munawar Shah, Maulana Mazhar Naqvi, Imtiaz Shah, Juman Shah and Ghafoor Haideri and more notables.


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