Ms Nusrat Zehra reelected Asgharia Ilmo Amal Women president

Ms Nusrat Zehra reelected Asgharia Ilmo Amal Women president during convention of AIAT in Khairpur Mirs.

Asgharia Ilm-o-Amal Tehreek women wing held its fourth convention on Tarbiyat-e-Aulad and Youm-e-Fatima Zahra (AS).

Ms Nusrat Zehra reelected

AIAT Pakistan chairman Engr Syed Hussain Mousavi presided over the convention.

Islamic teachers Tahira Rajpar, Batool Fatima Qummi (Qommi), Nusrat Zehra Ali and AIAT president Shakeel Shah Hussaini spoke on the occasion.

Many chapters and their officials and members received honorary shields and certificates for their meritorious services for the organization.

As per constitution of the AIAT women wing, Nusrat Zehra-led previous cabinet formally resigned.

Then members of electoral college voted to elect new president. With majority votes, they reelected Nusrat Zehra.

Members accorded warm welcome to her after Chairman Hussain Mousavi announced her reelection.

She took oath of the AIAT women wing president for 2020.

Asgharia Ilmo Amal Tehreek or AIAT Pakistan works under the chairmanship of eminent scholar Engr Syed Hussain Shah Mousavi.

Engineer Mousavi has led Asgharia since long.

As a highly skilled and professional, he emerged as an ideologue and thinker of Asgharia in 1980s.

Specially he became source of inspiration for youth due to his lectures on current affairs and true Islamic ideology earned him.


AIAT Leadership and Management Workshop held in Dadu



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