Countrywide protest against Indian atrocities held in major cities

Countrywide protest against Indian atrocities held in major cities under the aegis of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Pakistan today (Friday).

MWM secretary general Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari had appealed to supporters for protest demos against Indian atrocities in major cities across the country today (Friday).

After Friday prayers, MWM supporters held protest demos and rallies in Karachi, Islamabad and many cities and towns across the country.

Countrywide protest against Indian atrocities

The protesters also burnt effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to vent anger over atrocities against Muslims in mainland India and IOJK.

Meanwhile, MWM Karachi chapter organized demonstration in Kharadar where MWM leader Allama Mubashir Hassan addressed.

He condemned sacrilege of mosques in arsonist attacks and killings of Indian Muslims in New Delhi and other parts.

He lamented that the international community remains indifferent to the worst sort of violation of human rights of Muslims and other minorities in India.

Allama Mubashir condemned Modi-led BJP government for giving free hand to extremists Hindus who are killing Muslims and destroying their properties.

He suggested that Muslim countries and specially GCC countries should break off relations with India to pressure India to stop anti Muslim pogrom.

MWM leader believe that Indian government would bow to that pressure and Muslims would heave sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari made it clear that Muslim Ummah feel the pain of Indian brethren and Kashmiris.

He warned the Indian polity that ongoing aggressive violence against Muslims and other minorities would also trigger India’s dismemberment.

He said that the consequences of Indian aggressive and biased discriminatory policy against minorities would not limit to India alone but its fallout would engulf the entire region. Hence, he urged international community to rein in Modi-led BJP government.



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