Allama Sajid Naqvi rejects allegations against Shia Zaireen

Allama Sajid Naqvi rejects allegations against Shia Zaireen while noting that they had remained under government custody since their entry into Pakistan.

Shia Ulema Council head reminded the critics that those pilgrims returned Pakistan via Taftan border crossing have remained under government custody.

He said first government kept those pilgrims at quarantine centres in Taftan and then at provinces.

Allama Sajid Naqvi rejects allegations

Hence, he said that those pilgrims had not transmitted Coronavirus to any person in Pakistan since they had no contact with even their family members.

However, he also cited that government itself had admitted lack of needed arrangements. He said that government had kept those pilgrims together at Taftan.

Veteran Shia Islamic party leader further said that Shia pilgrims continue to stay at the government’s quarantine centres in their provinces.

He said the government shift them to their houses only after their negative test reports. Otherwise, government prolong their stay at those centres.

Hence, it remains clear and incontrovertible fact that spread of Coronavirus had no link with them but those who had not undergone quarantine and tests spread the pandemic in Pakistan.

False propaganda and fact

Meanwhile, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari rebuffed the false propaganda against Iran.

He clarified that Pakistanis go to Iran on one-month visa and return on expiry of visa duration.

He said that Iran had not expelled them but they returned due to expiry of visa as usual.

Moreover, MWM Pakistan secretary general cited said that Iran has been suffering due to unjustifiable US sanctions.

He said that the government had not established a well-equipped quarantine centre at Taftan border town.

He also noted three types of Coronavirus in Pakistan, including political and sectarian Coronavirus besides the actual pandemic.

However, Allama Raja Nasir made it clear that national unity remains unavoidable to prevent spread of outbreak.

He urged all need to end point scoring and petty differences and join hands to fight Coronavirus spread.




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