Shah Mehmood Qureshi praises Zaireen over patience and cooperation

Shah Mehmood Qureshi praises Zaireen over patience and cooperation because they remain at quarantine centre for a month.

Foreign Minister Qureshi appreciated their endurance while speaking to them during his visit to quarantine centre in Multan Industrial Estate.

Multan is home district of Mr. Qureshi.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi praises Zaireen

He said that the government would arrange their tests o April 03. He said government would shift them to their homes on negative test reports.

Minister Shah Mehmood also lauded the role of medical and nursing staff over their services.

He also praised district administration and local people who also welcomed Zaireen.

Other side of the story

Unfair government policy

Unfairness and bias of the government remain visible because United States, UK and many other countries had confirmed Coronavirus cases in January 2020 but Pakistan government had not quarantined people coming from those countries.

Despite the fact that Iran first reported confirmed case on February 18, the US-funded activists began targeting Iran and Shia Zaireen (pilgrims) while keeping silence over those returned from the entire world.

Even the Pakistan government had closed Taftan border with Iran.

One million in Pakistan not quarantined

But at least one million people had entered Pakistan since January 2020  when Coronavirus first reported in other countries.

None of those at least one million people were taken into government custody for quarantine and they continue to roam in the society.

Amazingly and interestingly, government took Shia Zaireen into custody soon after their entry at Taftan border.

The government authorities kept them for two weeks at Taftan in the name of quarantine.

Later, they shifted them to provinces’ quarantine centers. Shia Zaireen had not been allowed to go home for a month because government kept them at quarantine centres.

Only after negative test reports, government shifted such Zaireen to their homes and keep them under watch till now.

But at the same time, Deobandi preaching party Tableeghi Jamaat held congregation in Raiwind Lahore with foreigners attending it.

Many of their groups now have spread across Pakistan on preaching mission and spread Coronavirus. Some have died.

Instead of abiding by law, they attacked police to escape quarantine.

However, Shia Muslims abide by law and precautionary measures. They have suspended all congregations, including congregational prayers.

Even then, US-Saudi pressure and blackmailing compelled Pakistan government to target only Shia Zaireen on the pretext of quarantine.

But deaths of those returned from Saudi Arabia, UAE, and of Deobandi Tableeghi Jamaat members vindicated the complaints of Shia Zaireen (pilgrims) of selective quarantine and double standard.

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