Allam Razi Jafar demands withdrawal of FIRs

Allam Razi Jafar demands withdrawal of FIRs against mosques and Imam Bargahs Trusts.

Jafaria Alliance head urged the state authorities to sit with the Trusts’ officials of mosques and Imam Bargahs to resolve the issue.

He said that Pakistan needs united and cohesive efforts of the entire nation hence nobody should divide nation on any reason.

Allam Razi Jafar demands withdrawal

Veteran Shia Islamic scholar lauded the role of doctors, nurses, volunteers, government, armed forces and law enforcement agencies in current situation.

However, he said that some people celebrated Milad or gathered at mosque/Imam Bargahs while ignoring precautionary measures. Therefore, he urged the state officials to pardon such people by withdrawing FIRs against them.

But he also asked the Trustees of mosques and Imam Bargahs they must act upon precautionary measures and don’t allow anybody to violate the measures.

Eminent Shia Islamic scholar also lauded the services of Jafaria Alliance volunteers in Karachi.

On the other hand, biased policy of the government has engendered spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan.

Unfairness and bias of the government remain visible because United States, UK and many other countries had confirmed Coronavirus cases in January 2020 but Pakistan government had not quarantined people coming from those countries.

Despite the fact that Iran first reported confirmed case on February 18, the US-funded activists began targeting Iran and Shia Zaireen (pilgrims) while keeping silence over those returned from the entire world.

79 of 120 Tableeghi Jamaat preachers fled from Bhakkar quarantine centre


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