Zulfi Bukhari vows to hold Kh Asif accountable for irresponsible statement

Zulfi Bukhari vows to hold Kh Asif accountable for irresponsible statement through legal means.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) for Overseas Pakistanis affairs Zulfiqar Abbas Bukhari said this while speaking to a private TV channel.

He said he had filed suit for damages against PMLN leader Khawaja Asif.

Zulfi Bukhari vows to hold

Bukhari said that Ahsan Iqbal came near to Kh Asif and whispered something. Subsequently, Khawaja Asif began hurling baseless accusation without verifying anything regarding the issue, he said.

The SAPM further said that Kh Asif’s irresponsible statement has fanned sectarian bias and hatred in the society.

Hence, he vowed legal battle to hold him accountable for that false propaganda.

Moreover, Bukhari said that first some elements attributed the Coronavirus with Zaireen and now they link the COVID-19 with Tableeghi Jamaat. He said he condemns all this.

Truth in its entirety

Factually, at least one million people have entered Pakistan from abroad but none of them faced quarantine like the Shia pilgrims (Zaireen) did.

Even Tableeghi Jamaat members have been enjoying freedom to roam across Pakistan and also together with foreigners.

People of Pakistan have expressed dismay over this biased double standard and two different policy to deal with same pandemic threat.

They say it would not help prevent spread of Coronavirus pandemic but instead it has already spread through Deobandi Tableeghi Jamaat and those others returned from other countries.

Notably, at least 1 million have entered Pakistan from abroad but returned homes without spending even a single day at government’s quarantine centres.

On the other, those Shia Zaireen who returned Pakistan vias Taftan border crossing had to undergo more than one-month quarantine under the government’s supervision.

Victims legitimately call this religious/sectarian discrimination and Pakistan is paying heavy price for exempting others from quarantine.

Resultantly, people who returned from Saudi Arabia, UAE, elsewhere or attended Deobandis Tableeghi Ijtima (congregation) Raiwind, have spread the deadly virus.

Some of them have died of the COVID-19 but government target Zaireen only and that too differently.

Govt not allowing Zaireen to return homes despite negative test reports

کورونا وائرس کے پھیلاؤ میں سعودی عرب کا کردار حصہ اول


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