MWM demands change in eligibility criterion for Ehsas Emergency Cash Programme

MWM demands changes in eligibility criterion for Ehsas Emergency Cash Programme.

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen has demanded of the federal government to amend eligibility criterion for Ehsas Emergency Cash Programme, immediately.

MWM demands changes in eligibility criterion

MWM Sindh chapter secretary general Allama Baqir Abbas Zaidi made this demand, in a statement issued here on Sunday.

He said that financially poor people also possess passports and passport cannot prove affluence of any citizen or otherwise.

Allama Baqir noted that even financially poor citizens of Pakistan get passports for the purpose of pilgrimages or jobs abroad. He said they did not get passports for other sorts of tourism.

Similarly, he said that pension also don’t prove affluence of any citizen because widows or senior citizens hardly make both ends meets solely on pensionary amount.

Therefore, MWM leader opposed disqualifying the passport holders or their families and pensioners or their heirs of relief.

He said post-Coronavirus lockdown and restrictions had affected the low-income people across the country and they need immediate relief to make both ends meet.

Allama Baqir urged the government to amend the criterion by not disqualifying passport holders, their families and pensioners/heirs for Ehsas Emergency Cash Program.

Specially, he said, rural population need this help more urgently.

He alerted that majority of needy/deserving people would not benefit from this scheme due to unfair eligibility criterion.

Earlier, Allama Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi also had made similar demand.

People of Pakistan have asked the government to pay attention to ensure relief instead of lip service.

Specially, people want aid to deserving and needy Pakistanis in this time of unusual crisis amide Coronavirus pandemic.


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