Cleric Abul Aziz holds congregational Friday prayers defying restrictions

Cleric Abul Aziz holds congregational Friday prayers defying restrictions which the government imposed to prevent Coronavirus spread in Pakistan.

Amazingly, Deobandi cleric Abdul Aziz continues to occupy Lal Masjid in Islamabad, the capital city of the country, illegally.

Majority of the Sunni and Shia Islamic scholars have announced support for precautionary measures to protect people from the deadly virus.

Cleric Abul Aziz holds congregational

Under the health protocols regarding that pandemic, government has banned all sorts of public gathering and called for social distancing.

For that purpose, government has also imposed lockdown. And under policy, mosques, Imam Bargahs and shrines have suspended congregations in their premises.
But the extremist cleric Abdul Aziz violated all these restrictions and deliberately gathered people at Friday prayers in Lal Masjid.

He urged them to get closer to offer congregational prayers and also claimed that people must not fear the action from security agencies.

Abdul Aziz gave an impression as though security establishment has no objection to his move.

However, it has brought a bad name to the security establishment because it conveyed a wrong message to the entire world, let alone the great nation of Pakistan.

This irresponsible insanity could engenders spread of Coronavirus in Islamabad too.

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