Shias remember martyrs of Therhi massacree on the 57th anniversary

Shias remember martyrs of Therhi massacre on the 57th anniversary. As many as 118 Shia Muslims embraced martyrdom in Therhi on June 6, 1963.

Since then, Shia Muslims remember great martyrs of Therhi massacre 1963, the great tragedy happened on Ashura Day in Khairpur Mirs.

Shias remember martyrs of Therhi massacre

Takfiri nabsi violent extremists perpetrated that heinous crime against humanity during the rule of military dictator Ayub Khan, the first military coup leader in the country.

The martyrs of Therhi massacre sacrificed their precious lives for the sacred cause of the protection of Azadari.

Hence, Shia Muslims revere them as great martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Imam Hussain (AS)’s commemoration.

Situated around 8 kilometres from Khairpur city on road to Sukkur, Therhi had a population of around 5 thousands in 1963. Out of them 99 percent followed notorious takfirism. They had a very big seminary there.

The town had only one Shia family of Mehdi Shah. That family was hosting a Majlis or mourning congregation in commemoration of the tragedy of Karbala on Ashura that fell on June 6, 1963.

Around 15 to 20 Maumineen (Shias) had gathered. They had planned to take out a matami juloos (religious mourning procession) after Majlis but takfiris attacked them at majlis.

On hearing this news, around 4 to 5 thousand unarmed people of Luqman and other parts of Khairpur city reached Therhi at around 6 p.m.
On the other hand, the Therhi attackers armed themselves well and hidden on several places to attack.

Mehdi Shah’s house situated in the middle of Therhi that had narrow lanes: hardly 3 feet wide. Due to firing and stone pelting, only 150 to 200 people could reach his house. The rest waited outside.

Someone said that the Army has arrived. Hearing this, the people who went there without planning and leadership left for Khairpur. After departure of these people, the takfiris encircled the Imambargah (place of congregation) of Mehdi Shah.

Following the tradition of their Yazidi ancestors

Then, following the tradition of their Yazidi ancestors, they began killing Shias ruthlessly with the help of rifles, axes, knives and stone-pelting.

Further, they incinerated tent which fell on the injured people. They brought cattle to run over the dead and injured to inflict further pain.

At midnight, the biased takfiri fanatics impersonated them as Shias, took empty water buckets and shouted the slogan of Ya Hussain. They were asking if someone need water, whoever requested for water they slaughtered him ruthlessly.

(Most notably, many among who slaughtered faithful Maumineen included Hafiz-e-Quran, students of takfiri seminaries. In this way, the Maumineen sacrificed their lives but did not ask for help and died following the tradition of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.).

To hide their heinous crime, fanatics collected all the bodies and put them in an empty well and planned to burn them after putting kerosene oil. However, the police arrived and took the martyrs’ bodies into custody.

Another reason for their failure in burning the bodies of martyrs had it that the Assistant Director Information of the time Ishtiaq Azhar and the reporter of APP Ali Akbar Zaidi had already released the news.

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