Shabbir Sajidi asks govt to order probe against biased officials of Kurrum

Shabbir Sajidi asks govt to order probe against biased officials of Kurrum district whom he held responsible for current worsening conditions.

He urged the government to suspend those biased officials forthwith.

Shabbir Sajidi asks govt to order probe

And after that the government should hold inquiry into their conduct in Kurrum district and Parachinar related matters.

The notable of Parachinar said some elements were deliberately creating law and order problem in Parachinar.

He further said Daesh terrorist group has been operating in Afghanistan while Taliban militants also have become active.

Hence, enemies were targeting Parachinar in that background of the area.

Shabbir Sajidi said that durable peace and order requires the concerned institutions and officials to work within their limits.

He said that biased officials had nominated those notables in FIR who had made the parties to ceasefire.

Biased DC and discriminatory FIR

Earlier, Allama Waheed Kazmi visited Parachinar amid tension due to victimization of Turi-Bangash tribe.

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter secretary general Allama Waheed Kazmi called on notables and scholars during the visit.

Notably, he met Allama Fida Hussain Mazahiri, Allama Abid Hussain Jafari and Allama Syed Tajammul Hussain.

Both sides exchanged views on the latest situation of district Kurrum, including Parachinar.

He assured the party support to the legitimate demands of the victims.

Allama Kazmi demanded withdrawal of FIRs against Turi Bangash tribal leaders and notables.

He also condemned unilateral and selective unfair action against one party of the land dispute.

On the other hand, Turi Bangash elders and Ulma held a jirga where Allama Shaikh Fida Hussain Mazahiri and other notables spoke.

At the hurriedly-called jirga at Markazi Imam Bargah Parachinar, they said tribe have a history of sacrifices for the sake of Pakistan.

Tribal lamented that despite their sacrifices for Pakistan and their cooperation and support to security forces and the government, they are facing multiple issues.

They demanded of the authorities concerned to ensure immediate withdrawal of FIRs against five notables of Turi Bangash tribe.

Notables and elders rejected unfair cases and one-sided action on the issue of Balishkhel Shamilati land dispute.

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