5 more innocent Shia youths in illegal custody of law enforcers

Five more Shia Muslims were taken into illegal custody by the law enforcement agencies’ officials in Karachi’s district east.


Relatives have complained here on Thursday that law enforcement agencies officials conducted raids in Gulistan-e-Johar near Met office and took away 5 Shia youths including Saboor and Ikram who were detained at unknown place. They are university students.

It is relevant to add here that CID Police had earlier implicated 4 Shia youths in false cases after severe torture during illegal custody.

Shia Muslims expressed their anger over the illegal raids and arrests saying that who else would act upon law if the law enforcers themselves violate the law of the land. They said on the one hand, illegal arrests would tarnish their image and on the other, their career would also be put at stake due to absence from the university. They said that the pro-takfiri officials in the law enforcement agencies pose threat to Pakistan and their biased actions would cause irreparable loss to law-abiding Shia youths.


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