Shia Ulema Council leader demands dismissal of Tahir Ashrafi as MUB head

Shia Ulema Council leader demands dismissal of Tahir Ashrafi as head of Muttahida Ulema Board (MUB) Punjab, immediately.

The council made this demand during North Punjab chapter’s provincial cabinet meeting. Allama Syed Sibtain Sabzwari presided over the meeting.

Shia Ulema Council leader demands dismissal of Tahir Ashrafi

SUC leaders said that some elements were fanning hatemongering violent sectarianism and extremism under foreign agenda.

Bilal son of Deobandi cleric Tahir Ashrafi found involved in financial fraud

They said that ongoing hate campaign and sectarianism aims at diverting attention of Pakistani nation from real issues.

They said that instigators want to deflect public attention from those Arab monarchies who are recognizing Israel.

SUC North Punjab cabinet demanded registration of blasphemy cases against those who violated the sanctity of parents and guardian uncle and grandparents of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Mufti Abdul Aleem Qadri violates sanctity of Ahle Bayt of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

They expressed surprise over criminal silence regarding aforesaid blasphemy.

Furthermore, they were astonished that those claiming defence of sanctity of the companions of Prophet (PBUH) have not condemned blasphemy of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s ancestors.

Meanwhile, Shia Ulema Council condemned French magazine Charlie Hebdo for reprinting blasphemous caricature of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

General public remains deeply shocked that Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan Nawaf Maliki’s meetings with fanatic clerics resulted in violent extremism in Pakistan.

They demand probe into activities of Saudi ambassador in Pakistan due to surge in hatemongering sectarianism and violent extremism.

Sunni and Shia brothers together will defeat takfiris: MWM leader


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