Gilgit under siege enters on 5th Day

shiitenews Gilgit-BaltistanSituation remains tense in Gilgit-Baltistan on Saturday despite lapse of five days to the unfortunate shooting and violence incidents against Shia Muslims, leaving over dozen dead while about 50 injured.

According to the details, at least 150 Shia Muslims were detained by the law enforcement and biased Pakistan Military during on-going search in Shia areas of Gilgit and frisk operation in various parts of Gilgit, who were shifted to undisclosed location for further interrogation.
Meanwhile, security forces continue patrolling the streets with extended powers to shoot terrorists on sight.
Due to the curfew and closure of Karakoram highway, residents are facing difficulties, who are confined to their homes due to which a severe shortage of food items has also been reported.
Keeping in view the hardships being faced by people, the local authorities on Saturday relaxed curfew for two hours from 3 pm to 5 pm, allowing them to buy basic necessities but the people are still facing shortage of food items.
While security forces continue their operation in Skardu and Chilas, arrangements are being made to offer funeral prayers of 3 people martyred during violence against Shia Muslims in Chilas, whose corpses were received in Skardu on Saturday.


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