Shia Islamic leadership of Pakistan vows no compromise over creed

Shia Islamic leadership of Pakistan vows no compromise over creed and also rejects restrictions on religious freedoms.

Veteran Shia Islamic scholars and leaders issued a joint declaration at the conclusion of a representative Ulema wa Zakireen Conference in Islamabad.

Shia Islamic leadership of Pakistan vows no compromise

Allama Shaikh Mohsin Ali Najafi, Allama Riaz Hussain Najafi, Allama Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi, Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari, Allama Shaikh Mohsin Jafari, Allama Taqi Shah Naqvi, Allama Malik Aijaz Hussain Najafi, Allama Amin Shaheedi and many leading figures participated in the conference.

Shia Ulema and Zakireen, other leaders from Wifaqul Madaris SUC, MWM, ISO, IO, JSO, Asgharia, Ummat-e-Wahida and other organisations largely attended the conference and shared their views.

Aforesaid eminent leaders and veteran scholars made it clear that Shia Muslims of Pakistan would not make any compromise over their Islamic creed and principles.

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They also condemned restrictions on their religious freedoms and violation of fundamental rights.

Islamabad Conference demanded withdrawal of all cases against azadars (Shia Muslim mourners) which police registered over Moharram azadari processions and congregations.

The conference also condemned pogrom against Shia Muslims on the pretext of a mistake of an individual.

Shia Islamic leadership calls for mutual respect of sanctities for which Shia Islamic jurisprudents had already issued guidelines.

They said that all qualified Shia Islamic scholars had followed that guideline and condemn the individual if he violates this rule.

Besides, they urged other sects to refrain from provocation and also desist from hatemongering speeches and actions that result into instability which our country cannot afford.

Furthermore, they demand guarantee for (protection of) ideological and physical rights of all Pakistani citizens; especially of Shia Muslims.

Shia leaders condemn French Magazine Charlie Hebdo

Shia Ulma wa Zakireen Conference Islamabad condemned French Magazine Charlie Hebdo over reprinting of blasphemous caricature of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

They also pledged to work against the forces of extremism and sectarianism and defend Pakistan’s ideological boundaries. They said they had never remained engaged in such practice nor would do any such thing in future.

Moreover, joint declaration also expressed solidarity with oppressed Palestinians and Kashmiris and condemned Israeli and Indian atrocities.

They expressed concern and anger over normalization of relations of Bahrain and UAE with Israel.

Meanwhile, Shia Islamic gathering also turned down anti-Islam so-called Tahaffuz-e-Bunyad-e-Islam bill and demanded to nullify it for good.

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