Sit-in outside Parliament House against genocide of Shia Muslims enters fourth day

mwm dharnaSit-in outside Parliament House against genocide of Shia Muslims has entered fourth day on Monday. Chilas Tragedy in particular has evoked the sit-in protest.
Caravan from Parachinar has joined the sit-in on Monday. They raised slogans that each action has a just reaction therefore they chanted slogans of just reaction to the genocide of Shia Muslims.
Allama Syed Ali Murtaza Zaidi of Karachi also joined the protest sit-in. Speaking to the protestors, he said, it is fundamental right of Shia Muslims to live in peace.
He said that government has taken no action against the culprits involved in genocide of Shia Muslims.
Other religious scholars and office bearers of the Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen also spoke.
They urged the government to beware of the consequences of inaction against the terrorists.
They said that banned terrorists were allowed to do whatever they deem fit to serve their interests. They criticized the federal interior minister for hypocritical role. They said that government is equally responsible for the genocide of peaceful Shia Muslims.
Latest reports said that a banned terrorist outfit’s hooligans have also reached the venue of the sit-in. They were raising slogans against the MWM sit-in. The MWM’s camp also replied with slogans.


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