Shia Islamic parties call off protest after Sindh govt delegates meeting

Shia Islamic parties call off protest after Sindh government’s representatives meeting with them in Karachi.

Provincial Minister Saeed Ghani and adviser to the Chief Minister Sindh, Waqar Mehdi visited provincial headquarters of Shia Ulema Council (Sindh chapter).

Shia Islamic parties call off protest

The SUC Sindh president Allama Syed Nazir Hussain Taqvi welcomed them.

On the occasion, Syed Ali Hussain Naqvi represented Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen.

Allama Syed Razi Hyder Zaidi represented Haiyat Aimma Masajid wa Ulema-e-Shia.

Senior scholar Allama Shabbir Hassan Maisami also accompanied them.

On behalf of Sindh Chief Minister, provincial minister Saeed Ghani and adviser Waqar Mehdi assured Shia Islamic parties’ leaders to meet their demand at the earliest.

Shia Islamic parties’ leaders have announced protest demos and shroud rally in protest against FIRs which police registered due to Chehlum anniversary.

They condemned Sindh police’s witchhunt against Shia mourners over their participation in mourning processions on Chehlum anniversary of Imam Hussain.

Minister and adviser assured that Sindh government would ensure their demands met shortly.

Recently, Shia leaders announced shroud rally at CM House against illegal FIRs which Sindh police registered against Shia Muslims for participating in Arbaeen mourning processions.

Earlier, Shia Islamic parties’ leaders had given 48 hours deadline to the Sindh government that expired.

Allama Baqir Zaidi, Allama Shabbir Maisami, Allama Nazir Taqvi, Allama Aqeel Moosa, Allama Asghar Shaheedi, Allama Kamran Abidi, Allama Haider Abbas, Allama Mubashir, Mohammad Abbas and other leaders discussed this issue.

During their meeting, they unanimously decided to observe Friday as a day of protest.

Shia Muslims in Khairpur reach police stations to offer arrest due to FIRs


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