Common man condemns Haleem Adil Sheikh due to anti Syed remarks

Common man condemns Haleem Adil Sheikh due to anti Syed remarks which the PTI Sindh leader made recently.

He had used derogatory remarks for Syed, the progeny of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Common man condemns Haleem Adil Sheikh

Pakistanis respect Syed people because of their ancestral tree that links them with Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh had addressed press conference to slam the Sindh government, including chief minister.

Instead of criticizing Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, he used derogatory remarks against Syed people as a whole.

For general public, Syed remains an esteemed surname-genealogical line. Hence, they condemned Haleem Adil Sheikh for disrespecting the noble Syed people.

They made it clear that descendants of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had to migrate during despotic tyrant regimes of Umayyad and Abbasid.

People made clear that the tyrants of the time had persecuted Syed people that compelled them to leave their ancestral abode.

For common man, Syed community’s Islamic saints had taught real Islam and people of Pakistan and India converted to Islam due to their preaching.

Hence, their migration was sort of divine blessing in disguise and that was not for worldly gains.

People reminded Haleem Adil Sheikh to make public apology for hurting remarks. They said his remarks hurt all followers of Islam.

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