MWM Chief demands arrest of Chief Minister Balochistan for peace in Quetta

pc allama raja nasir abbasAllama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri, head of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen told reporters in Islamabad at a press conference that the government has assured to meet our 10-points charter of demand within 15 days therefore MWM ended ongoing protest sit-in.
He warned that protest would be resumed if the government would not meet the charter of demand.
The 10-points charter of demand for which the sit-in was staged included:
All bodies of the martyrs of Gilgit-Baltistan should be handed over to their heirs/relatives in their areas.
Those who perpetrated Chilas Tragedy must be arrested and operation be launched against terrorists.
All the missing passengers of Shahrah-e-Karakoram should be recovered and safely shifted to their areas.
Terrorists training camps in whole of the country including Darel and Chilas should be closed down.
Curfew in Gilgit must be withdrawn.
Alternate route be provided to Gilgit-Baltistan passengers for Rawalpindi travelling.
Safety and security of Silk Road should be handed over to the Pakistan Army.
Additional flights of the PIA should be made available for Gilgit Baltistan and concessional fares be restored.
Charter of demand of people of Gilgit Baltistan that they gave to the government after Kohistan Tragedy and government had approved that, should be met forthwith.
Due action be taken to end the target killings/genocide of Shia Muslims in Karachi, Quetta and Dera Ismail Khan in particular.
He demanded that chief minister Balochistan should be arrested for killings of Shia Muslims in Balochistan.
He said that the government must take immediate actions to shoulder its responsibilities.


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