Shia Ulema Council presents demands through 16 resolutions

ullma cunsil apcReligious scholars at a congregation of Shia Ulema Council Pakistan have presented their demands through 16 resolutions they adopted unanimously.
The demanded of the government to announce an end to the ban. They demanded Supreme Court to do justice by resuming hearing of the reference they had filed with the court. They said that TJP was a law-abiding party and the military dictator Pervez Musharraf’s government had banned the party under the policy of balance. He said that sense of deprivation among Pakistani Shia Muslims was deepened because they were pushed to wall. They said that ban was not justifiable.
In another resolution, they demanded high-level judicial inquiry of Kohistan and Chilas tragedies. They demanded stern action against those who issued the jihad fatwa against Shia Muslims. They said it is not Shia-Sunni dispute. They demanded compensation to the victims and application of State Subject Rule. They demanded alternate route to the people of Gilgit Baltistan for travel to Rawalpindi.
They also condemned target killings and bad law and order situation in G-B, Quetta, Karachi, Dera Ismail Khan, Kurrum Agency, Orakzai Agency, and unrest and suicide attacks in the resolutions 3, 4, 5 and 6. They demanded serious policy and actions against the perpetrators.
They demanded facts about these suicide attacks must be made public. Through resolution No. 7 they demanded that 68 terrorists whose crimes were proved in the Supreme Court and their files were moved to the President House, should be hanged forthwith. Inaction against them encouraged terrorism.
They declared in resolution No.8 deaths of army personnel due to avalanche in Siachen as national tragedy. In resolution No.9 they said that drone attacks on Pakistani soil, is negation of national prestige and sovereignty. They demanded Nato supply issue should be sort out according to Pakistani people’s desires. They demanded foreign policy on equality-based principle.
They announced their support to Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir and demanded in resolution No.10 that foreign armies and outsiders should leave these countries.
In resolution No. 11, the religious scholars at Shia Ulema Council’s Ulema Convention expressed concern over rising poverty in the country and demanded that relief should be given to people by appropriate measures. They also opposed corruption.

Through resolution No. 12, they opposed recruitment for Bahrain from Pakistan. In resolution No.13, they said azadari (mourn in commemoration of martyrs of Karbala) falls in the category of civil liberties. However, miscreants impede holding of azadari and sometimes administration and police put restrictions on holding of azadari. They demanded that all these restrictions be withdrawn and azadari be allowed in new housing scheme and licenses be issued to the heirs of the deceased license holders.

In resolution 14, they demanded that fourth schedule was humiliation of peaceful and law abiding citizens so it must be abrogated.

In resolution 15, they rejected the space for “sect” in the admission forms and employment forms and declared it violation of Constitutional, legal and human rights. They said it fan sectarianism and biased attitude in the society therefore it must be abolished.

In resolution No.16, they demanded appointment of a Shia advisor in religious affairs ministry, different schools of thought be given representation in Council of Islamic Ideology, all schools of thought be given representation in federal Shariah Court and in Islamic Research Institute.

They also appreciated and praised the statesmanship of Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei and his guidance to run Islamic Revolution. They condemned the conspiracies being hatched against the Islamic Revolution. They also assured of their cooperation with Allama Sajid Naqvi in his efforts for unity of Muslims, national security, national unity and defence of constitutional and legal rights of people of Pakistan.


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