‘Form grand Jirga to curb Balochistan sectarian killing & unrest’, MWM suggests

pak blast qudsIn order to maintain unity and harmony among the people and unveil terrorists fueling hatred on sectarian grounds, the Balochistan chapter of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) suggested on Tuesday that a grand Jirga comprising of Baloch, Pashtun and Hazara tribal elders with religious scholars from Sunni and Shia sects be formed.

Speaking to the media at the Quetta Press Club, President MWM Balochistan chapter Maqsood Ali Domki made several suggestions.
In an open letter to the people of Balochistan, provincial assembly members, tribal elders and religious leaders, Domki stated that it was high time for those responsible to play their role for the restoration of peace and order in the province.
“The Hazara community has been subjected to targeted killings since 1998 and the attacks escalated rather being controlled, claiming the lives of over 500 people so far,” he said.
Domki claimed that the government and its functionaries were completely aware of the hideouts of terrorists therefore they should launch a crackdown to break up their chain. “All those elements financing the terrorists should be disclosed and brought to justice, while action should be taken against such muftis and religious seminaries that pronounce fellow Muslims as kafir (non-believer), non-Muslim, and issue wajibul qatal (liable to be killed ) fatwas for their Muslim brothers.”
He said it was a matter of great concern that terrorists booked by law enforcement agencies were released by courts due to “one reason or another”, and that there was a need to take steps that ensure terrorists are not released and are punished for their crimes.
The chief of MWM said that his organisation was willing to extend its cooperation to restore law and order in Balochistan.


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